Making Plans

Case Study – Making Plans

Support provided by BLGC as part of the IThrive 11 – 19yrs (25yrs with SEND) programme.

Annie has consistently been attending Senior Club since the relaunch in July. She came into the youth session, usually sat in the seating booths with friends and didn’t seek to engage in any activities that were running. Annie seemed constantly tired, and low in mood. She would speak about how she left school with no qualifications and has no plans after school. She wasn’t enrolled to a college and had no job prospects. Whilst building a relationship a staff member suggested joining the Princes Trust course. Annie was excited about the opportunity and glad that she would have something to do. She applied and enrolled on the 12-week course. She engaged in the course each day and even invited friends she made on the course to BLGC. She completed the course and undertook many exciting opportunities on the course. Annie graduated and now wants to pursue her plans to become an Air Hostess. Since this, her mood has majorly improved, she has found her routine and has began engaging in the many activities at BLGC. This is a great result for Annie and BLGC.

Case Study