Believe Achieve CIC

Believe Achieve CIC is more than just an organization – we are a powerful force of change, deeply rooted in the Farnworth community. Since our inception, we have made an indelible mark on the lives of children, young people, and families, transforming their futures, and empowering them to reach their full potential.
Our unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in the diverse range of programs, workshops, and activities we offer. From sports and dance to music and mentoring, we provide a comprehensive platform that nurtures talent, promotes personal growth, and addresses the unique needs of our community. We believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to shine.
With a team of 9 dedicated staff members and 15 passionate volunteers, we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional services. Through strategic partnerships with esteemed organizations such as Bolton Council, Youth Leads, and Princes Trust, we amplify our impact and ensure that our services are responsive and tailored to the specific needs of those we serve.
The prestigious Bolton Mark accreditation, bestowed upon us by Bolton Council, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to safeguarding and delivering excellence. It solidifies our position as a trusted provider of exceptional services for children, young people, and families, instilling a sense of trust and confidence within our community.
At Believe Achieve CIC, our vision is limitless. We are steadfast in our pursuit of empowering young individuals, fostering community cohesion, and creating pathways to success. Through our holistic approach, we provide essential support, including mental health services and a food bank, to uplift those who need it most.
With an unwavering spirit and an unyielding dedication to the betterment of our community, we inspire and transform lives. Our legacy is one of hope, resilience, and opportunity, shaping a brighter future for the Farnworth community and beyond. At Believe Achieve CIC, we strive to make a profound and lasting impact on the lives we touch.

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