Harmony Youth Project

Harmony is a well established organisation in the heart of Bolton (since 2001), well known in supporting young people and our community, some of who have been referred from schools, including individuals with mental health issues and/or disabilities. We promote strong messages of equality, self confidence, anti-bullying/anti-hate/anti-racism and multiculturalism.

Our new Harmony offices, set in the heart of Bolton town centre with a five year lease we are sourcing funding to assist sustainability. The narrative will focus on young people’s issues such as homelessness, deprivation, drug, alcohol, anti-social behaviour, mental health issues and provision of basic needs. The area is noticeable having young people wandering, opportunists’ and prostitution, our mission is to clean up this area, but more importantly give these young people assistance in improving their quality of life.

In conjunction to our Counselling and food and basic needs distribution, Harmony has a tried and trusted method of including our young people in various projects that attract interest (usually music and videography) we then form a trusted relationship where we can formulate a plan to address various issues being suffered, we have many case studies where young people have moved into further education, part, or full time employment.

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