SNUFS is a small charity, founded in 1990, based Bolton, managed by a Board of Trustees and run by a Coordinator and Administrator.


Our objective:

“To advance the education of children between the age of 2 and 5 years with any form of Special Needs or disability by promoting their inclusion into mainstream school provision”.

Our objective is met by recruiting, training, managing and supporting a team of volunteers. Through our volunteers, 1-1  support is given to vulnerable children within the child’s mainstream pre-school setting, one morning or afternoon each week. Volunteers support in their local communities.


We are part of Bolton Councils Local Offer helping to increase the amount of supported learning given within the Early Years and are an available service to all preschool settings in the Borough.


Volunteers spend time with children identified as having delays in their expected development, in areas such as communication and language, developing friendships, fine motor skills, modelling behaviour and self-care. Teaching them the skills and knowledge they need to be school ready.  They give the child opportunities to access the same provisions and learning experiences as other children and engaging in activities to support their well-being and safety.


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